“I could not be more different from Jamila. But then again, if we both come from compassionate families, have a desire to pursue an education, bicker with our siblings, and share natural feelings of happiness, responsibility, and pride, how different can we really be?”

— Alex, freshman, University of Wisconsin-Madison

The Global Lives Project offers an intimate window into the lives of everyday others around the world. We work with educators interested in globalization and cross-cultural awareness, empathy and community engagement, and media literacy to generate possibilities for students to reflect on how they look at others, whether in a distant land or in their own classroom.

Teachers and schools use the Global Lives Project to create openings into empathy, awareness, and engagement for students in the following ways:

  • Excerpt relevant moments from our video library and develop your own materials to animate lessons about diverse global issues — and contribute to our resources
  • Adopt a lesson plan from our growing body of resources developed by educators around the world
  • Produce a short- or longer-term exhibit of multiple Global Lives films at your school, offering an opportunity for extended, interdisciplinary conversations across classrooms

Download a free PDF of our exhibit on the resources for educators page, and please contact us at to request help or contribute to our resources. Fill out the form below to get on our distribution list for copies of print curriculum as they are available.

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