Exhibits for Students

The Global Lives Project invites you along for a mind-expanding visual journey around the world into the daily lives of individuals from Brazil, Malawi, Japan, China, India, Indonesia, Serbia, Lebanon, Kazakhstan, Nepal, South Korea, Vietnam, Turkey, Colombia, Spain, Canada, and the United States.

Our immersive video installations create a space of contemplation and reflection, allowing visitors to step out of their daily lives into someone else’s reality they would have otherwise never known.

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The Global Lives viewing experience deepens global understanding and empathy in the following ways:

  • It encourages awareness and critical thinking
  • It provokes important dialogue about global citizenship
  • It cultivates respect for cultural differences while revealing the commonalities that bring us all closer together

A Global Lives exhibit at your school will include 10 screen installations featuring a total of 240 hours of video footage. The exhibit may be paired with a professional development  workshop for educators, a student assembly, an exhibit tour, and/or a Community Evening in which parents, friends, community members and other invited guests can enjoy a special evening with the exhibit and a reception with the
Global Lives team.

Download our guide to Opportunities_for_Educators and our Exhibit_Prospectus. Contact us for more details. We will work directly with your school to plan and build the exhibit and set up parallel events.