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Thank you for your interest in volunteering with Global Lives! Translating and subtitling video is an extremely important part of the Global Lives Project – more than 1000 volunteer translators have made the Global Lives Project possible! Join others in sharing your linguistic skills with our community. Your translation offers the world a glimpse into a different culture that might otherwise remain remote and inaccessible.

We look forward to bringing you on board! If you have anymore question please refer to our Translation FAQ ( and Resources for Translators ( to learn more) or reach out to our Translation Coordinator at

  • Dotsub username created here: Please make your username glp + first name + first letter of your last/family name. For example, my name is Edith Curie, so I will make my username glpedithc.
  • What is your language combination(s)? Please specify the locales, if applicable. For example, if you translate from Canadian French to American English, enter "Canadian French to American English" or "fr-CA>en-US". If you work bidirectionally with these two languages, enter "fr-CA<>en-US."