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Global Lives volunteer filmmakers are professionals from across the globe who believe in the spirit of
collaborative filmmaking and are passionate about cross-cultural understanding.

Producing a 24-hour Global Lives video is a unique and rewarding experience. The interactions between
volunteer producers, crew, translators and the on-screen participants give you a chance to learn about
other cultures and make new friends from around the world.

Global Lives volunteer filmmakers are producing multiple shoots around the world at any given time as
either part of curated shoots or independent shoots.

Curated Shoots
Curated Global Lives Project shoots focus on specific themes. Global Lives may have limited funding
available for these shoots as part of a grant or other external support we have received. We welcome
suggestions of new themes for curation.

Global Lives is currently supporting the following curated shoots: Lives in Transit.

We are currently looking for submissions of proposed on-screen participants and videos to include in the
Lives in Transit project.

Independent Shoots
Independent shoots originate from independent producer proposals. Volunteers come with the idea for the
on-screen participant and location, and Global Lives works with the producer to complete and
incorporate the shoot into our video library. Independent shoots are self-financed or supported by
crowdfunding or other outside sources.

How to Become a Filmmaker in the Global Lives Collective
If you have an idea for a shoot that would be right for the Global Lives Project, we’d love to hear from
you. Follow these steps to become a Global Lives filmmaker.

  1. Learn about Global Lives
  2. Review the upfront considerations carefully
  3. Submit an Inquiry
  4. Write a Full Proposal
  5. Produce and Translate your Shoot