David Evan Harris Founder and Executive Director

David Evan Harris

David Evan Harris is Founder and Executive Director of the Global Lives Project and Research Director at the Institute for the Future. David works at the intersection of art, activism and academic inquiry on the politically charged questions surrounding globalization and social justice.

A cross-disciplinary mediamaker, David wrote and directed newscasts for CurrentTV; and penned articles and shot photos for the BBC, the Guardian, Adbusters, Focus on the Global South, AlterNet, and Grist. He has spoken publicly about his work to audiences at the Smithsonian, UC Berkeley, Harvard, Stanford, United Nations University, Apple, Google, Adobe, and numerous other venues around the world. He speaks English, Portuguese, Spanish, and French. David founded the Global Lives Project in 2004 and holds a BA in the political economy of development and environment, with a minor in forest science, from UC Berkeley and an MS in sociology from the University of São Paulo.

Rev. Shishin "Benjamin" Meyers Webmaster

Rev. Shishin

Ben has worked as a web developer (his site is www.purespiritwebworks.com) professionally since 2005. As an Art Studio major with a dynamic range of other interests he has a passion for technology, journalism, art, psychology and sociology. He is a Zen Priest with a San Francisco Bay Area Soto Zen Buddhist sangha and helps increase visibility to institutions promoting empathy and change.

Kristy Drutman Assistant Lecturer/ Teaching Team

Kristy Drutman

Kristy Drutman is an assistant lecturer and supervisor for the Global Lives Project. She is also a digital media strategist and host of her own podcast and media series, Brown Girl Green. A passionate environmental activist and storyteller, Kristy is working to use digital tools to advocate for climate justice, healing, and community empowerment.

Minji Kim Lead Project Manager

Minji Kim

Minji Kim is a second year student at UC Berkeley majoring in Society & Environment and Business Administration. As the Lead Project Manager, she helps all of the different teams run smoothly and accomplish their goals of furthering the post-production process of the Global Lives shoots. Minji first joined Global Lives as part of the translation team because she is from South Korea and speaks Korean fluently, and because she wanted to partake in making this content more accessible and relatable to a wider audience. Through her work now, Minji hopes to continue doing that and contributing to the Global Lives Project’s mission of fostering global empathy!

Interns & Volunteers

Cristina Navarro Web Development Team (intern)

Cristina Navarro

Cristina Navarro is a junior at UC Berkeley majoring in Psychology. She is currently part of the Web Team helping modify the website to ensure the user has a pleasant experience. She joined Global Lives Project because she wanted to be apart of spreading awareness of different cultures and empathy across the world. She believes when it comes to accepting differences, it helps when ones becomes educated about the topic.

Kat Friday Social Media Project Manager (intern)

Kat Friday

Kat Friday is a second year at UC Berkeley majoring in Political Economics. She is currently part of the Social Media Team which dedicates itself to posting weekly post on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter promoting the uniqueness in people’s lives around the world. She joined Global Lives Project because she believes that without awareness we are nothing and knowledge of lives around the globe is paramount to passion for change. Global Lives Project does just this by emphasizing empathy and capturing 24 hours of so many different people’s lives, promoting diverse cultures globally and locally.

Austin Hoang Social Media Team - Content Strategist (intern)

Austin Hoang

Austin Hoang is a first year student at UC Berkeley intending to major in Business Administration and Political Economy. Currently, he is a part of the Social Media Team which dedicates itself to posting weekly posts on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, promoting the uniqueness in people’s lives around the world. He joined Global Lives Project because he wanted to learn about other people’s lives and their cultures. He thinks that the Global Lives Project helps educate people by documenting the personal, daily lifestyles of diverse citizens around the world.

Phikhanh Nguyen Social Media Team - Content Strategist (intern)

Phikhanh Nguyen

Phikhanh Nguyen is a junior studying Cognitive Science at UC Berkeley. Currently, she is part of the Social Media Team, which dedicates itself to posting weekly posts on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, promoting the uniqueness in people’s lives around the world.

She chose to join Global Lives Project, a non-profit, because she is passionate about the organization’s commitment to cultivating a sense of common humanity through storytelling and social media.

She is dedicated to using the power of technology for good, by lending a voice to people from all areas and backgrounds by showcasing their unique life experiences on an internationally accessible platform.

Tiffany Huang Social Media Team (intern)

Tiffany Huang

Tiffany Huang is a junior at UC Berkeley majoring in Economics. She is currently part of the social media team creating content and posting weekly on social media platforms. She joined the Global Lives Project because she loves how the organization promotes diversity and cross-cultural understanding.

Jihee Choo Data and Ads (intern)

Jihee Choo

Jihee is a freshman at UC Berkeley studying Applied Mathematics and Data Science. She is currently a part of the Data and Ads team, which analyzes the website and social media data in order to create effective campaigns and strategies to help Global Lives Project grow to its fullest potential. Having lived in France and South Korea as a child, Jihee is very interested in exploring and spreading different cultures, which motivated her to join the Global Lives team.

Past Contributors

  • Yael Irom Associate Director, Global Lives Project
  • Simone Goldsmith Video Production Coordinator
  • Lyndsay Lack Development Manager Intern
  • Kaitlyn White Graphic Designer
  • Jason Catiis Graphic Designer
  • Rani Zhu Web Project Manager
  • Kimberly Wang Web Development Team
  • Dipika Gurung Translation Team Manager
  • Nana Yoshimura Translation
  • Lainy Cho Translation
  • Emma Sun Translation
  • Stephanie Tungerapan Translation
  • Andrea Chau Social Media - Video Editor
  • Megan Pope NYFF
  • Scott Oller Video Producer USA
  • Erika Barco Development Manager Intern USA
  • Marian Berthoud Development Manager Intern USA
  • Ayesha Johannes New Media Producer USA
  • Jakob Lengacher Translation Community Manager USA
  • Nindia Anadirini New Media Producer USA
  • Mario Hiesh Web Developer USA
  • Rachel Griffin Development Manager USA
  • Danny Spitzberg Campaign Director USA
  • Caitlin Rose Program Assistant USA
  • Lauren Valdez Program Manager USA
  • Meghan Mooney Program Manager USA
  • Fangshu Zhu Translation Community Manager USA
  • Beth Cohon New Media Producer USA
  • Nancy Lappetito Development Manager USA
  • Diana La Education Programs Coordinator USA
  • Snow Xue Zhou Translation Community Manager USA
  • Rejoy Armamento Graphic Design Intern USA
  • Daniel Chein Video Producer/Editor USA
  • Charlotte Gibbs Translation Coordinator University of Leeds, United Kingdom
  • Elena Gozzi Translation Coordinator Università degli Studi, Milan, Italy
  • Jueun Hwang New Media Producer South Korea
  • Jordan Katz New Media Producer USA
  • Viviani Oliveira Translation Coordinator Brasil
  • Anna Pankina Translation Coordinator Voronezh, Russia
  • Purvi Rami Development Manager USA
  • Saphassorn June Santijitrungruang New Media Producer Thailand
  • Sarah Smith Graphic Designer Loyola University Chicago, USA
  • Ethelind Vu Graphic Designer USA
  • Joanna Zhong Education Coordinator China
  • Sarah Soulen Development Intern USA
  • Mary Mijares Project Manager - Book Manuscript Intern USA
  • Mami Shimokawa Curriculum and Translation Intern USA
  • Kailin Zhou Translation Intern USA
  • Kevin Lasek Translation Intern USA
  • Daisy Mendez Project Manager - Translation Intern USA
  • Taylor Hines Web Development Intern USA
  • Mackenzie Cornwall Project Manager - Web Development Intern USA
  • Jessie McConville Social Media Intern USA
  • Lauren Kim Project Manager - Social Media Intern USA
  • Janie Chen Project Manager - Social Media Intern USA
  • Jessica Shi General Project Manager (intern) USA
  • Luoyao Huang Social Media Team - Video Editor USA