Online Video Collection

The Global Lives Project’s mission is to collaboratively build a video collection of human life experience that reshapes how we conceive of cultures, nations, and people outside of our own communities.

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Our online video collection consists of 24-hour,
day-in-the-life, raw, unedited footage of 20
everyday lives in 17 countries. The unedited and
uncut format of the films reduces a film director’s
control in determining what is important and what
is not important to include. In this way, the films are
examples of story sharing rather than storytelling
because our films try to avoid “telling” anything
specific about the subjects’ lives; instead the films
enable subjects to share their lives as they live

Our video collection contains hundreds of hours of
high-definition footage. Students and educators
can access footage from their home computers,
laptops, tablets and smartphones, and segments of
the video collection can also be purchased on a
flash drive for offline viewing.

For further information, please contact us.