Translation FAQ

Who can be a translator or transcriber?

Our goal is to provide the highest quality subtitles possible for our potential audience. To that end, we are looking for people with native or near-native listening and writing skills to transcribe, word-for-word, the dialogues in the native language of the videos. Since we translate all videos to English, we seek persons with excellent local bilingual skills.

How do I get started?

First, fill out our language volunteer form so we know what you are interested in and which languages you are qualified for. Then, we’ll send you to the translator instructions so you know how to use our subtitling tool, dotSUB. A coordinator will keep in touch with you throughout the project.

Do I translate the subtitles directly from the audio?

No, not exactly. First, you or another volunteer will need to create the subtitles in the original language of the video. This means listening to the audio and making a written copy of all the exact words. After this is completed, you or any of the assigned volunteer translators will translate the written conversations from the original language into English or another language.

Do I get paid for my submissions?

No. We are grateful to our ever-expanding volunteer collaborators who contribute their time and talent to allowing the world access to global life experiences.

How much time does it take to transcribe or translate the audio?

Each person will work at their own pace, and much depends on how audible and intelligible the recordings are. We estimate that one 15-minute audio segment might take several hours to transcribe because you will likely need to replay the segments many times in order to capture the complete conversations. It might take another couple of hours to translate the transcription, because you will want to view the words with the images.

How long do I have to translate the video?

Our deadlines are somewhat flexible because we understand that volunteers have work, study or family commitments. Please work with your translation coordinator to plan the assignment due dates. Your translation coordinator will check back with you every two weeks.