Dear friend,

Every week, Rumi Nagashima leads a Girl Scout meeting in Tokyo. Watch our video of Rumi uniting with her peers after commuting through a crowded subway and you’ll feel her spirit and perseverance.

I showed Global Lives videos as a two-week unit in my high school English class. I saw my students developed deep self-awareness and cultural empathy. One student, Ericka, reflected on the experience: “It made me open my eyes more to how I act around other people, because it definitely makes a big impact.”

Global Lives videos reveal our wildly diverse but familiar human experiences. To help teachers use our videos as a resource, we created the Unheard Stories curriculum, worksheets, and posters. Now, over 400 teachers like me have asked to receive it all in a kit for their classroom.

That’s why we’re reaching out to you.

You can sponsor a teacher to use Global Lives in their classroom.


At last count, 415 teachers need curriculum to use Global Lives videos in their classrooms to foster global citizenship.

Young global citizens create a brighter future – please sponsor a teacher like me.

Thank you,
Nicki Pfaff
High School Teacher and Global Lives Education Fellow

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