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From dreams to memories and everything in between, Global Lives videos bring to life our shared human experience. Huyen Le, a cook in Vietnam, tells our volunteer film crew that she dreamed of being a teacher. Life didn’t work out like she planned, and yet, she is happy that life goes on, as she works on a sand barge sailing the Mekong River.

Can you empathize? If students learn empathy and global citizenship, everything from bullying in schools to world violence could become history. We could create a world in which all human lives – and dreams – have equal value.

This is a dream we all want to come true – please donate to Global Lives.

Your donation helps a growing list of 434 teachers who need support using Global Lives video as a resource in their classroom. We are $18,000 away from sending them kits with our Unheard Stories curriculum books, student worksheets, and beautiful posters of individuals like Huyen Le for their classroom.

We can learn so much from Huyen Le, even if she did not become a classroom teacher.

Please donate and support teachers around the world. Thanks to our challenge grant from the National Endowment for the Arts, your donation will have double the impact.

To show our gratitude, we have thank-you rewards including t-shirts, posters, special invitations.

We also invite everyone who will be in San Francisco next Thursday to a sneak preview and celebration of our newest series – for free tickets, visit

My deepest thanks,
David Evan Harris
Executive Director, Global Lives

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