Since 2004, our volunteers have produced eighteen videos of 24 hours in the lives of people around the world. Global Lives videos form the basis of cross-cultural awareness and empathy for thousands of students.

Teachers have been demanding our materials for years, and now they’re quite literally banging down my door (our education committee meetings are packed to the gills!), but with video production being the core of our small organization’s work, it’s been hard to meet those demands. Now that our video production program is going smoother than ever before (eight new shoots this year alone!), we are making a major push to bring this rich collection into classrooms.

Help 100,000 students see the world!

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All over the world, hundreds of teachers have successfully used Global Lives videos in their classrooms and schools – 363 at last count! Our new Unheard Stories curriculum cultivates cross-cultural empathy in classrooms. Your donations support the creation and distribution of our educational kits which include books, worksheets, posters, and a collection of Global Lives videos. With your help, we can reach 100,000 students by getting kits to 1,000 teachers.

 Donate now to bring Global Lives to teachers around the world.



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