Hey everybody! Help support Global Lives in the panel picking process for 2013’s South by Southwest Education Conference and Festival (SXSWedu)!

As you may know, Global Lives began its pilot education program this year taking footage from our 24-hour shoots into classrooms worldwide to help spread cross-cultural empathy and media literacy in education. From second-graders in Mountain View learning about their own identities and how to relate to their peers; to high school freshman in Balboa Park directing, producing and editing their own documentaries; to university students in Xian, China creating their own Global Lives, Lives in Transit shoot; Global Lives is casting a wide net into the educational community and reeling in really incredible results. As a part of this initiative, Global Lives has taken on Nicole Moore as our education fellow. Nicole is currently directing the growth of our programming into a diverse yet scalable range of curricula and lesson plans to be disseminated on our website for free access to all.

Nicole has proposed a panel presentation to SXSWedu to help grow the network of users for our awesome new integrative website where Global Lives educational materials will be accessible to all. Through this panel, our new website will be formally introduced, offering Global Lives the opportunity to explain the mission of the site as well as basic navigation of the site. Additionally, the Global Lives team will introduce the curriculum that has been developed to use in tandem with the site: curriculum that is linked to the Common Core standards; is cross-disciplinary; and includes lessons for usage in elementary through high school classrooms.

Questions answered in this presentation include:

  • Why should educators concern themselves with fostering global awareness and empathy in their students when they have “real curriculum” to teach?
  • How can educators, across age groups and disciplines, utilize the website “The Global Lives Project” to cultivate empathy and global awareness in their students, with lessons anchored in the Common Core standards?
  • How will the curriculum and lesson plans/units available from “The Global Lives Project” website deepen students’ empathy as well as content knowledge?

Nicole Moore will be the key presenter on this panel. Please help us get the word out and cast your vote for this presentation at Two minutes of your time to vote for this presentation could mean thousands of students being introduced to cross-cultural empathy in the classroom, helping to create a new generation of learners in the global community Global Lives envisions: a world where people on opposite sides of the planet treat each other as though they were neighbors.

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