Lara 2

Exciting news from Lives in Transit! Global Lives’ 24-hour shoot in Spain is gearing up for action, and this time we’re running away with the circus… literally!

Our On Screen Participant, Lara Aragon, is one of the few female clowns in Spain today and is an heiress of a long family tradition of circus performance. The Aragon family saga is a widely celebrated troupe of Spanish circus artists who have been performing all over Spain since 1939. They are known for having the first circus program on Spanish television, and thusly are a well-recognized entertainment entity across Spain and in Latin America.

As circus workers are subject to audience – if they have a large audience they stay, if they don’t, they move to the next location – the exact date of the shoot is still to be determined depending upon when they arrive to the shoot location from El Arenal, Mallorca where they are currently performing. Our Spanish production crew is eager to begin this one-of-a-kind shoot either this coming weekend of June 29th and 30th, or the first weekend of July. We will keep you updated as the shoot begins; until then get ready for the dazzling lights and sounds of cheering crowds as Global Lives will soon be introducing its audiences to the men and women behind the masks and makeup and welcoming you into the life of the circus!

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