Screen Shot 2013-02-13 at 6.30.47 PMAs a result of creative collaboration with design firm, Method Inc., Global Lives has recently undergone a remarkable cyber-transformation. In February, as we’re sure you all noticed, Global Lives’ new website was launched and since then has received a great amount of recognition for its sleek new look and brilliant interactive interface.

Well, we’re proud to announce that the Global Lives website has yet again impressed the best: we’ve been announced as an American Institute for Graphic Arts (Re)design Award finalist!

A little background from the AIGA:

The AIGA (Re)design Awards competition recognizes design that challenges us to (re)think the world and our choices. It is based on [the Institute’s] fundamental belief that through better design we can build a better a planet.

 This unique design competition honors sustainable design solutions and the designers, educators and students throughout the world that use their creative influence to create a positive impact on our environment and society.

 Through masterful storytelling, compelling visuals, and beautiful design, we have the power to shape the future and ignite change.

 [The AIGA’s] mission is to celebrate design willing to reach for excellence on all levels.

 [The AIGA] wants to recognize designers who put in the extra effort to consider all impacts of a design project, including environmental, economic, social and cultural. By doing so, [the AIGA] effectively raises the bar for what constitutes “good design.”

Global Lives is honored and privileged to receive such high praise from these forward-thinking culture critics and tastemakers in the graphic arts. Once again, we’d like to thank Method Inc. for all of their hard work and creative ingenuity that they poured into our (re)design. We look forward to hearing the final award decision from AIGA next month and invite our followers to keep your ears and eyes peeled for this exciting news!

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