Unheard Stories Resources

This page contains up-to-date hyperlinks for all digital materials that complement the Global Lives Project’s Unheard Stories curriculum.

(last reviewed July 2019)


Lesson One – Who Am I?

  1. Global Lives Clip of Zhanna (5 minutes)
  2. Michaela “Chaeli” Mycroft Article on Unicef. org
  3. New York Times Article “Pay for Women’s Basketball Coaches Lags Far Behind That of Men’s Coaches”
  4. Global Women’s Fund for Women’s Work on Girl’s Education
  5. NYTimes Article:  Oscar Grant Verdict
  6. → CNN Article: Stand Your Ground Law

Lesson Three – What Are the Stories I Tell About Myself?

  1. Global Lives Clip of Muttu (7 minutes)
  2. Narrative Artist Joan Brown 


Lesson One – How Do My Values, Background, and Experiences Shape My Opinions of Others?

  1. Global Lives Clip of Edith
  2. Global Lives Clip of Jamila
  3. Short documentary about a day in the life of a US teacher
  4. Typical classroom in Japan
  5. Typical classroom in China  
  6. Bloom’s Taxonomy Question Starters

Lesson Two – What Are Generalizations and Projections, and How Do They Impact Our Understanding of Others?

  1. Global Lives Clip of Jamila

Overall Assessment for Part Two

  1. BBC article Malawi at a glance
  2. MSNBC Malawi desk report
  3. Nike commercial
  4. Global Lives Clip of Edith
  5. Global Lives Clip of Edith


Lesson One – Empathy: Moving Beyond Tolerance

  1. Global Lives Clip of Rumi
  2. Global Lives Clip of Muttu
  3. Clip of Zhanna (5 Minutes)
  4. Cultural Liberty in Today’s Diverse World
  5. BBC Article: Does Globalization Mean We Will Become One World?
  6. 700 Million to Watch World Cup
  7. Globalization of Chinese Culture Becomes Hot Topic

Lesson Two – How Do You Uncover Someone’s Story From His/Her Perspective?

  1. StoryCorps interview with Blanca and Connie Alvarez
  2. StoryCorps additional educational materials
  3. Bill Nichols’ Modes of Documentary
  4. Zhanna Clip (watch from beginning to 0:02:09)

Lesson Three – Sharing Other People’s Stories and Introduction to Anchor Task

  1. PhotoVoice alternative assignment