By Tiffany Huang

Giving Tuesday is a holiday for us to invest our resources into the causes and people we deeply care about. We at the Global Lives Project believe that investing in global empathy during these difficult times is one of the utmost importance in building the world we want to see in the future. 

That’s why this fall, we’ve launched our Giving Tuesday fundraiser – “Global Lives Through Our Eyes” – a campaign that intends to share personal experiences from members of the Global Lives community who have felt positively impacted and moved by our work. We hope it will inspire you as well. 

We at the Global Lives Project are committed to creating an accessible, inclusive platform to teach and instill global empathy worldwide. This Giving Tuesday, we want you to join us and consider donating to allow this project to thrive.

Help us bring lessons of global empathy to audiences worldwide by contributing today!

Here are some of the many ways your donation will help out our team: 

  1. We are teaching students about the power of global empathy 

In our Giving Tuesday: Global Lives Through Our Eyes video, our student interns from University of California, Berkeley, shared perspectives on their experiences with the Global Lives Project. Watch to learn more about the impact this project has directly had on our student interns and join us to see Global Lives through your eyes. 

  1. Our Museum Exhibits are currently quarantined

Earlier this year, Global Lives opened a new exhibit at the Global Museum in San Francisco State University. Unfortunately, we had to close it down soon after due to the COVID-19 pandemic. During these difficult times, we need your help to expand the reach of our online video collection while our exhibits are quarantined in museums 

Your donation will help us bring our videos to millions of people online, as well as share an enriching cross-cultural curriculum to folks worldwide. Contribute to your global community today and help us bring global empathy – a valuable tool that we believe can instill hope during these challenging circumstances.  

  1. Add our curriculum to your holiday gift list! 

If you are still looking for holiday gifts, consider supporting us by ordering a spiral-bound version of Unheard Stories from Amazon for $24.99. Unheard Stories is a 60-page, empathy-based, curriculum aligned to Common Core Standards, developed in partnership with the Stanford Graduate School of Education. 

Join our global community 

Most importantly, we want you to be part of our worldwide community. By contributing to Global Lives, you are helping sustain a platform that is cultivating a more empathetic and connected world with every post.

You can review many of our On Screen Participants’ videos on our Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube. Your donation will allow us to produce even more of this accessible, educational content. 

Every donation, share, like, and comment motivates us to work harder to share the stories of people’s lives and make their unique experiences more accessible for people across the globe! 

Give to the Global Lives Project and sustain our mission today! 

The Global Lives Project is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. All donations are tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law. Tax receipts will be provided for all donations.

Thank you for giving to our community today,

The Global Lives Team

P.S. You can visit our website for the latest videos, blogs, and updates on Global Lives here.  

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