The Global Lives Project is committed to showcasing different lifestyles and cultures from all over the globe, helping the world cultivate empathy and unity under a sense of common humanity towards others from all different parts and walks of life.

We are excited to showcase the stories of eight incredible lives from around the world. Come by to enjoy refreshments and explore the stories from our collection! The exhibit will be on display through May 2020.

Event Details:

San Francisco State University

The Global Museum

Fine Arts Building (Room 203)

About the Project

The Global Lives Project presents 24-hour-long videos of daily lives of individuals from around the world both online and through in-person exhibits. The project is an online and real-world collaboration between thousands of filmmakers, photographers, translators and everyday people from around the world.

We explore the diversity of human experience through the medium of video, and encourage discussion, reflection, and inquiry about the wide variety of cultures, ethnicities, languages, and religions on this planet. Our goal is to foster empathy and cross-cultural understanding.

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