By Natanya Faitelson

Edited by Tiffany Huang

With the holiday season ending and the New Year approaching, 2020 has certainly been a year that no one expected. COVID-19 shook the world and the pandemic demonstrated the importance and need for global empathy more than ever before. 

Not only were people feeling isolated and separated due to quarantine, along with the panic that the virus caused, the world exposed the realities of racism and intolerance that still exists alive and well today. In the U.S., due to many acts of racism and violence toward the Black community,  the Black Lives Matter gained large momentum that woke many people up to the hatred and pain that our society must heal at all costs. 

During these difficult times, we remain committed more than ever to our mission of cultivating empathy through cross-cultural understanding. This past year, we released insightful content from our Lives in Transit series on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube. We are working hard to be part of the solution to create a better and more equitable world moving forward. 

The Global Lives Project, whose message is to spread empathy and diversity for other cultures, is becoming increasingly critical. Inspire others by liking, commenting, and sharing our newly launched content today!

The New Year signifies an opportunity to rebuild our spirits and transition past a very tumultuous year. If this year taught us anything, it is that we are all part of a collective struggle, and perhaps that can be the foundation for a more empathetic world going into 2021. We will continue to expand the reach of our online video collection and distribute our cross-cultural curriculum to a wider audience. Continue to support and help us to inspire many others around the globe in 2021!

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