Whoa. What a year. I can’t believe how much we packed in! There is just too much to list here, so as you consider making a donation to us this year, here’s just a quick summary of what we’ve been up to:

The Smithsonian hosted a Global Lives screening and a workshop with the world’s top linguists and indigenous filmmakers to begin planning our new Language in Focus series, in collaboration with the National Museum of Natural History, the most visited museum in North America.

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We brought our traveling exhibits and newly published Unheard Stories curriculum to five public schools ranging from elementary to university in the San Francisco Bay Area, directly reaching more than 6,000 students at Envision Academy, Gateway Middle School, Creative Arts Elementary, Palo Alto High School and San Francisco State University. Initial survey data indicates strong increases in empathy and global understanding among student exhibit visitors and curriculum users. The images below are from our exhibits at Palo Alto High School and  Envision Academy in Oakland.


Our Global Wednesday exhibit and evening event series in San Francisco reached upwards of 3,000 visitors. Our events were held at top Bay Area venues, including Public Works, the Folsom Street Foundry, and the Interval, and featured panel discussions on a variety of topics in partnership with the Asia Society, Bay Area International Link, Institute for the Future, Facing History & Ourselves, the Long Now Foundation, OneBeat and Found Sound Nation.

Our first 24/7 public exhibit is currently running at the Institute for the Future in downtown Palo Alto, reaching thousands of visitors each week. The exhibit will continue into Spring 2015.

Our new Lives in Transit series is reaching the end of post-production, thanks to the work of thousands of volunteer filmmakers, photographers and translators. We have begun screening the work in our exhibits and will launch online in early 2015.

If you missed our 2012-2013 Impact Report, I strongly encourage you to download the PDF and give it a  read.
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Your donation this holiday season will allow us to dramatically expand our education program in 2015 to reach tens of thousands more teachers and students around the world. If you want to nominate a specific school or teacher to receive our support, make a donation and shoot me an email with the name and email address of your teacher of choice.
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With deepest gratitude for your generosity these past ten years,

David Evan Harris
Founder and Executive Director

Global Lives Project

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