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Pierre Vallée — Quebec, Canada

Map with location at: 46.8, -71.35
Occupation: Commercial Ship Captain
Date of Birth: 1975

Religion: Catholic (non-practicing)
Income: > $30/day

Pierre found his dream career as the captain of commercial ships along the treacherous stretch of the St. Lawrence between Trois-Rivières and Québec. Pierre was one of the youngest people to be appointed ship captain at age 27.

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Basak Kurt — Istanbul, Turkey

Map with location at: 40.58, 28.955
Occupation: Distributing pharmaceutical drugs
Date of Birth: 1985

Religion: Muslim
Income: > $30/day

Basak spends the bulk of her time delivering medications to people in her area who can’t pick up drugs themselves. In addition to her work at the pharmacy, Basak is writing a novel, and she is interested in auto mechanics.

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Huyền Lê — Mỹ Khánh, Vietnam

Map with location at: 9.998365, 105.705779
Occupation: Sand Barge worker
Date of Birth: 1992

Religion: Buddhist
Income: < 75¢/day

Huyên works on her family’s sand barge along the Mekong River. When she is not on the boat, Huyên spends time with her extended family in a modest home with a beautiful garden where papayas and bananas grow.

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Seunghwan Seo — Seoul, South Korea

Map with location at: 37.55, 126.96666667
Occupation: Motorcycle Delivery Worker
Date of Birth: 1984

Religion: Non-religious
Income: > $30/day

Seunghwan usually works the night shift, during which he rides his motorcycle through Seoul, helping customers with everything from delivering their take-out orders to changing their light bulbs. Seunghwan shares a one-room apartment with his brother.

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Prakash Singh — Delhi, India

Map with location at: 28.7, 77.1
Occupation: School Bus Driver
Date of Birth: 1969

Religion: Hindi
Income: $7.5-13/day

After Prakash finishes transporting students to and from school, he heads home to spend the rest of the day with his wife, sons, and his beloved grandchil-dren, all of whom are part of the Jat community of Haryana, India.

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Ivan Montaño — Cali, Colombia

Map with location at: 3.451647, -76.531985
Occupation: Horse Cart Driver, Tailor
Date of Birth: 1961

Religion: Christian
Income: $7.5-13/day

For 19 years, Ivan Montaño has hauling debris such as discarded cement, scrap metal, wood and sod to a central dumping area using a horse and cart. Despite complaints from residents that the dumping area is unsightly, Ivan remains positive about his future.

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Mingmar Lama — Tsum Valley, Nepal

Map with location at: 28.509982, 84.960946
Occupation: Caterpillar Fungus Harvester
Date of Birth: 1986

Religion: Buddhist
Income: $2-3/day

Mingmar lives with his wife and three children in a remote village near the Tibetan border. His primary income comes from gathering and selling yartsa gunbu, a fungus that grows on caterpillars, between late March and May.

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Ruixian Fan — Baoji, China

Map with location at: 34.363184, 107.237743
Occupation: Long Distance Train Attendant
Date of Birth: 1982

Religion: non-Religious
Income: $13-30/day

Ruixian works on the K165 train line. Her shifts usually require her to ride the train for the entire length of the line, which means traveling 35 hours each direction. She lives in an apartment with her husband and her 7-year-old son.

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Abhay Singh — Rajasthan, India

Map with location at: 27.023804, 74.217933
Occupation: Camel Safari Guide
Date of Birth: 1975

Religion: Hindu
Income: $2-3/day

Abhay leads camel safaris in the sand dunes of the Thar Desert where he has lived all his life. He loves his camels dearly, and spends much of his time caring for them. During the safari trips, Abhay enjoys singing and telling stories around the campfire.

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Lara Aragón — Magaluf

Map with location at: 39.5, 2.51666667
Occupation: Travelling Circus Performer
Date of Birth: 1975

Religion: Catholic
Income: > $30/day

Lara and her siblings were born into a family of circus performers in Spain. Lara and her husband spend most of the year traveling and performing. During her free time, Lara loves composing and listening to music, cooking and spending time with her children.

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