The Global Lives Project is planning a shoot in South Africa either between July 17- August 4 or August 15-27. We will be recording 24 hours in the life of a female or non-male identifying taxi driver from either Cape Town or Johannesburg as a part of our “Lives in Transit” series.

Lives in Transit has been selected to premiere at a major North American film festival in October 2016, and this shoot will be featured as part of our exhibit there. Stay tuned for details.

Global Lives is a nonprofit educational arts organization with more than 1,000 collaborators in dozens of countries, and we are looking for volunteers available for the months of July, August and September (post-production roles). While participation will not be remunerated, the project offers broad, worldwide exposure for collaborators’ work and the opportunity to be a part of a growing and dynamic collective of creative and socially-minded filmmakers. We specifically need the following types of people and organizations:

    • Partner institutions – We are looking to partner with a university’s communications department, a museum, a video production studio, or any other cultural institution interested in being involved in the shoot from start to finish, and also with organizing an exhibition in the future.
    • Co-director/producer – Involved in subject selection process from the beginning, making preparations for shoot on the ground. Approximately 6-8 days total of time commitment for preparations and shoot, additional involvement in post-production preferred. Must reside in South Africa.
    • Director of Photography & Editor – Involved in project from pre-post.  Commitment for the shoot days. Works usually in 2-person teams for 8-hour shifts. Commitment to post-production editing of the footage in preparation of a film festival premiere.
    • Camera Operator  – Commitment for 2 days of shooting + transportation only: 24-hour-shoot & Life Story Interview. Works usually in 2-person teams for 8-hour shifts.
    • Photographer – Day of shoot and photo editing + transport, 8 or 12-hour shifts.
    • Production assistant (good position for a film student) – Providing support throughout selection process to the director/producers with preparations for shoot. Commitment to assist with post-production also helpful.
    • Interpreter/translator – Needed for the day of the shoot as well as for pre- and post-production.
    • Community Liaison – Liaison to the community in which the shoot will take place. Good position for a journalist or fixer.


As a volunteer for this project, you will be working hand-in-hand with our experienced filmmaker Nobuhiro Awata:

Nobuhiro Awata is a filmmaker who has lead a variety of film projects worldwide. His film career began while working on the Taiwanese feature film “Seediq Bale”. Soon after, Nobu established Passages, a company where he develops his own feature films and consults a collection of cross-country projects. He is also the founder of “Polymer”, an art space in Taiwan. In addition to working on feature films, Nobu has been a pivotal documentary filmmaker for The Global Lives Project. He looks forward to heading the shoot in South Africa this summer.

If you are interested in collaborating, please fill out the crew member form below.

Crew Member Inquiry Form

If you are interested in being a part of a Global Lives Project shoot, please fill out the form below. We thank you for your interest in contributing to our library of human experience!
  • Please include city and country
  • Please include country code
  • Please include level of fluency
  • Please include links to prior projects.
  • Lives in Transit shoot production must be completed by July 1, 2013, and post-production by September 2013.
  • GLP only covers domestic travel costs
  • Use command+click (mac) or control+click (windows) to select more than one.

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  1. A great opportunity for the youth with heart for film to explore this artistic world!

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