Our “Lives in Transit” Kickstarter campaign to raise $25,000 for our National Endowment for the Arts matching grant was a resounding success. We blew past our goal and received more than enough donations to make “Live in Transit” a reality.

Our campaign began with a social media push that took the Twitterverse by storm. Tweeters included: Pulitzer Prize Winner Jose Antonio Vargas, founder of the Webbies; Tiffany Shlain, world-renowned game designer; Jane McGonigal, The New York Times bestselling author; Robin Sloan, Harvard University & MIT Media Lab faculty; writers for Fast Company, Newsweek, Kickstarter, and of course, the National Endowment for the Arts.

The story of our “Lives in Transit” fundraiser was shared endlessly on Facebook, got highlighted on Fast Company’s Co-Exist Blog and received the rare honor of being a Kickstarter Staff Pick.

But things really started to take off in the last 72 hours of the campaign when Google employees were enticed to donate with the promise of matching donations from their employer, we held a telethon to encourage all of our friends to donate, and an anonymous donor promised to match every dollar raised above our $25,000 goal!

We ended up exceeded our funding goal by more than $10,000.00, raising 140% of our original goal! The breakthroughs in the month-long campaign were the result of the tireless efforts of many individuals in the Global Lives Project community coming together for the common good. Thanks to the generosity of our many backers, “Lives in Transit” will soon start production. It was a long journey, but we did it!

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