What’s it like to be a cable-car conductor in San Francisco? Or a hip hop musician in the periphery of São Paulo? How about a farmer at a state-owned plantation in a Sudanese village of Indonesia? Global Lives Project wants to document 24-hours in the lives of people around the world in order to cultivate empathy between cultures and celebrate the diversity of human experience.

We are a multimedia, non-profit organization driven by a collective of over 1,000 filmmakers, media artists and translators working to build a video library of life experience. This library consists of 24-hour video shoots following the lives of individuals around the world who collectively represent current global demographics.

We are currently recruiting native and bilingual Portuguese speakers to join the Global Lives collective of translators. Volunteers will have the opportunity to help us translate and transcribe the Global Lives shoot produced in São Paulo, Brazil. This 24-hour video is the second shoot ever produced by the Global Lives Project; it focuses on Rael Feliciano, a 23 year-old hip hop musician from the neighborhood of Jardim Iporanga, located in São Paulo’s southern periphery.

As a volunteer in the translation community, you will have the exciting opportunity to use the web to access networks across national and cultural boundaries in the name of cross-cultural understanding. Translation is an essential element of Global Lives. You will feel a sense of ownership over our footage and forge an intimate connection with our subjects and communities by the end of the process; basically, our project will become your project by the time you are through, and you will walk away with a new set of friends from all over the world.

Please fill out our translation volunteer form if you are interested in learning more about the project and helping us build this amazing creative collaborative video collection of life experience.

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