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Method Inc. and the Global Lives Project are honored to have won an American Institute of Graphic Arts award for the best (re)design of a website in 2013!

The website,, initially soft launched in February of 2012.  It was immediately recognized for its ingenuity, and it received generous grants from the National Endowment for the Arts and the Adobe Foundation for the continuation of the website design and development.

Method’s design was given the award because of its extraordinarily creative and forward thinking approach to the challenging aspects of creating a website for an organization such as Global Lives.  The website not only had to educate and inspire its visitors, but it also had to have the ability to support and engage a global network of followers and supporters who are interested in becoming a part of the Global Lives vision.

The redesigned website allows visitors not only to browse the work that the Global Lives Project has done, but also to control the way in which they do so.  For instance, did you know that you can now map out the different locations of the subjects and sort them by their country, gender, or income?

The redesign also maximizes the amount of information available to its visitors.  New language applications and open access to Global Lives video transcriptions also provide language tools and linguistic resources that have never before been available. Among these resources is the Global Lives’ video footage and transcription from Malawi, which is now the largest documentation on the internet of the language of Chichewa.

Perhaps most importantly, the new website allows users to engage with and actually participate in the work that Global Lives does.  From our online production guide, to our free and open-source educational materials, to our producer and filmmaker networking features, Global Lives is changing the way we interact with media, understand art, and experience global cultures.

Read more about the 2013 AIGA awards and Method’s (re)design of the the Global Lives Project website here.

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