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Onur ALDOĞAN; He was born on 23.10.1989 in Kadıköy. He studied at Department of Geophysical Engineering, Sakarya University, graduated from the Department of Construction and Business Administration. After 3 years of education in Kocaeli Fine Arts Faculty Photography Department, he left his education and left. He has been directing for 9 years. He has worked as a research assistant in Public Relations and Advertisement Department at Marmara University Faculty of Communication and has taught camera acting and film making techniques at the Kocaeli University Fine Arts Performing Arts Department and various private art schools. Radio programming in 2015 and in 2016 in Kadikoy "Station Stage" completely called, has established a cinema and theater hall that appeals to independent filmmakers and theatrical producers and continues to actively pursue projects in the sectoral sense. He also owns Cinemoon film production and distribution company.