Submit a Producer Inquiry

The producer inquiry is a way for you to let us know about yourself, the community and type of person
you are considering featuring in your shoot, and it’s a way for you to share with us any previous
experience you have with the region or country where you’d like to shoot. The inquiry also helps us get an
idea of your previous experiences so we can provide advice and guidance and determine readiness to
move forward with the project.

Some of the elements we’re looking for in the producer inquiry include:
Completeness:There should be sufficient detail for us to understand that you have a good sense
of what you would like to do.

Feasibility: Does the project seem possible to complete based on location, language,
your previous experience and other factors?

Theme/Fit: Does your proposal fit with the Global Lives mission and add diversity to existing
footage in the Global Lives library?

We’re looking forward to hearing about you and your ideas for a Global Lives Project shoot. As a
volunteer producer, you will be contributing to our library of life experience which is exhibited in various
forms around the world.

Submit a Producer Inquiry

** We are still accepting inquiries for the Lives in Transit series **

If you are interested in joining a crew, but not proposing a shoot, please submit a Crew Member Inquiry.

We review inquiries on an ongoing basis. Thank you for your interest!