Global Lives Immersive Video Exhibit Opening

Join us on January 9th, 6–10pm in San Francisco

Global Lives Gala at Fort Mason, 2011

We invite you to our immersive video exhibit showing a sneak preview of our new series, Lives in Transit.

Your donation will count towards our $30,000 goal to invest in young global citizens. With your support, we will send curriculum kits we created for over 400 teachers around the world who want to use our videos as a resource to build empathy in their classroom. This event is 48 hours before our deadline! Learn more at

We welcome new and longtime friends to join us. Special guests include Andrew Mahlstedt, a teacher living in Bosnia who led our film crew in Nepal, as well as Nicki Pfaff, a high school teacher in San Jose who is our current Education Fellow. Attendees include luminaries in video, new media, arts, and education – and hopefully, you!

Event sponsorship also supports our work! Benefits for individuals and organizations include recognition in print, online, and out loud at the event, digital gifts, and VIP spaces reserved. Interested? Reach out to