World Premiere: Lives in Transit at New York Film Festival’s Convergence at Lincoln Center

The Global Lives Project is pleased to announce that Lives in Transit, an immersive video installation, will premiere at the New York Film Festival at Lincoln Center as the centerpiece of the Convergence program, dedicated to the fast-evolving world of non-traditional film and media. This year’s program features everything from immersive storytelling, virtual and augmented reality, interactive multi-media artwork, and beyond.

Opening events on October 1, 2016 at Lincoln Center, New York

5:30-7:00pm – Meet the Makers: Lives in Transit – Screening and panel with directors from around the globe (Howard Gilman Theater, 144 West 65th Street) – FREE, first come, first served—ends immediately before this event

7:00-8:30pm – Reception & Exhibit World Premiere (Furman Gallery, Walter Reade Theater) – Space limited, registration required.

Exhibit runs October 1-16

Watch the Trailer and Share here:

The Global Lives Project produces long-form documentaries that capture the rich diversity of human experience and engender cross-cultural dialogue and understanding. Each 24-hour film provides a window onto a single day in the life of its on-screen participant, and the immersive multi-screen installations are designed to encourage discussion, reflection, and inquiry about the wide variety of cultures, ethnicities, languages, and religions on this planet.

Lives in Transit explores the lives of ten individuals who are responsible in some way for moving people and products throughout the world. Film subjects include a camel safari guide from India; a pharmacy delivery driver from Turkey; a sand barge worker in Vietnam; a wheelbarrow worker from Colombia; a traveling circus performer in Spain; a caterpillar fungus collector and farmer from Nepal; a commercial ship pilot in Quebec, Canada; a school bus driver from India; a long-distance train attendant from China; and a motorcycle delivery worker and handyman in South Korea.

The Lives in Transit series presents the work of directors/producers: Amit Dubey; Naomi Ture; Mutlu Vrysopoulos; Claudia Quigua; Mara Pérez; Rinzin Lama; Rintu Thomas; Karen Vanderborght; Ruhi Zandra; Sam Queen. The overall series production was coordinated by Simone Goldsmith; Andrew Mahlstedt; and David Harris. In addition, each of the Lives in Transit films was produced thanks to an international team of volunteers, including videographers, post-production artists, and numerous translators.

Note from the Founder:

This exhibit caught me at a very busy time—I’ve got 10-week-old twins! In the time it took me to compose this paragraph, I changed three diapers and was vomited on too. This exhibit would not have been possible without the work of my long-time creative partner and Global Lives director/producer and former board member, Naomi Ture. -DEH

About the Exhibit Producer, Naomi Ture

Naomi Ture is an award-winning documentary filmmaker with a passion to employ media to increase cross-cultural dialogue.  In 2016, her Global Lives Project film ‘Huyền Lê’ will premiere as part of the ‘Lives in Transit’ collection, at the NY Film Festival.   Previously, Naomi was Cinematographer on ‘BATKID BEGINS’ (Warner Brothers, 2015), and Director of A PERFECT MATCH (2008). Through her creative agency, Naomi crafts strategic marketing and brand videos for the technology industry. Naomi holds a degree in Education Studies from Brown University and a Masters in Electronic Art from RPI.  

Lives in Transit was made possible with support from:

National Endowment for the Arts

Adobe Foundation


Orrick, Herrington & Sutcliffe



Jacob L. and Lillian Holtzmann Foundation

More than 500 individual donors via Kickstarter and

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